Let me put who we are in a language that you understand. If I said that we were a “Soul Music” radio station you would by inference know that we were culturally Black. Instead of calling ourselves “Soul Buddhist” we call it like it is; we are Black Buddhist. We do not mean that we are racially Black we mean that we are “culturally Black.” The World’s most noted “Song” that use the word is “Soul Man”  was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1967. This song was inspired by the civil rights movement. Our friend the late Isaac Hayes and David Porter wrote the Song Soul man.

We live in a so called “Post Racial America” where we can elect a Black President. If we can elect a “Black President” we can certainly have a Memphis Proud Black Buddhist Website and Buddhist organization. We do not exclude Whites or any nationality or practice any form on discrimination. Our reason for calling ourselves Memphis Proud Black Buddhist is to note that we Practice a non discriminating form of Buddhism that includes African and African American Culture and History. Asians exclude Black history from Buddhism. 

Buddhism as taught by many Asians manifest itself as an oriental or Asian religion. Buddhist history is Black History and we are Proud to include this history and culture in our Buddhist practice.

Finally Memphis, Tennessee is the “Soul of America.” Memphis is the city where Blues, Jazz, Soul and Rock and Roll was born. If Buddhism comes from Memphis, Tennessee it must have “Soul.” We are the “Soul Buddhist.” Elvis Presley the King of Rock and Roll came from Memphis. Elvis learned Black music from Black people. Back in the day Elvis was called “one of us.” At Stax recording studio in Memphis the White Musicians played Black Music and they had “Soul.” We are like the “Black Church” we express Buddhism in a “Black Cultural Fashion.” This is why we are called “Proud Black Buddhist.” When Whites and other nationalities practice Buddhist with us, expect to get a little “Soul.” We in Memphis are the “Soul of America.” We are “Soul Buddhist.”

Anthony "Amp" Elmore Founder of the Memphis Proud Black Buddhist Organization